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The pergola canopy is the future of outdoor living.
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It is the solution to our landscape challenges with design and style luxury that has never been offered before.

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Enjoy your Outdoor Space, Rain or Shine
The Shade FX retractable shade canopy has redefined outdoor living. The evolution of the tradition awning, a Shade FX canopy extends your living space to your backyard and beyond by offering practical shade solutions with versatility and style.

Canadian Roots
The Shade FX retractable canopy system is the next generation of shade awnings. It is constructed with top quality components to provide protection from the elements, a smooth opening and closing, either motorized or manual, and stylish, durable fabrics in a variety of colours and patterns. The canopy fits nicely into a simple four post structure, a pergola, arbour or lattice frame. Shade FX was designed and invented locally in Guelph, Ontario Canada. Recently, the product has been featured on various episodes of HGTV’s Canadian design shows, DECKED OUT and DISASTER DECKS, hosted by Paul LaFrance and his crew.

Versatility & Unique Design
The uniquely designed canopy system runs on one centre beam, versus two parallel arms, solving many of the problems of outdated, traditional, retractable awnings that require strict parallelism and fabric tension for support. One central beam allows for smooth retraction with no jamming or binding. You have thechoice of three types of retraction systems with the Shade FX canopy. Manual retraction comes in two forms: the wand allows the user to pull the canopy across the length of the drive beam to open and close position; the rope/pulley is mounted to one corner of the canopy frame and allows for easy retraction. And finally, the remote controlled retraction uses a Somfy motor attached to the drive beam to mechanically retract the shade canopy. Pricing not only depends on the size of the canopy, but the type of retraction system you choose. Click here to see our price list.

Protection from the Elements
One retractable canopy system offers up to 432 square feet (24’ x 18’) of protection from the elements. With the uniqueness of a central beam, the canopy can be retracted in almost all weather conditions. The centre beam allows for a slight dome shape to the canopy. This means, when it rains, the rainwater can run off the canopy naturally and stop any water from pooling on top. It is built to withstand high winds and has been tested in winds of up to 80mph making it a great fit not only for high rise balconies, terrace locations and waterfront properties, but large backyards, pool sides and even restaurant patios.

Your style choices for your shade canopy are almost endless. Only high quality durable fabrics that are waterproof or water resistant and offer significant sun protection are used. Shade FX has partnered with Sunbrella and Sattler Yachtmaster to offer the highest quality weather resistant fabrics. Visit the Sunbrella fabric showroom today to begin designing your Shade FX Canopy!
We are a certified installer and provide best in class consulting, design, supply and build services for Shade FX Retractable awnings and accompanying structures. The Shade FX Canopy system comes with a 12-year warranty.

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Only the best-performing marine fabric in the world, Sunbrella® is your waterresistant choice for your Shade FX Retractable Canopy system. Sunbrella® marine canvas offers a 10-year, best-in-class warranty. It offers element-defying durability and gorgeous saturated colors in fade-resistant fabrics. And because it’s woven, Sunbrella® breathes, so it doesn’t trap heat and moisture like vinyl. Vinyl can mildew, but Sunbrella® looks great season after season.
Sunbrella® is a registered trademark of Glen Raven, Inc. Copyright © 2010.

It’s time to enjoy your outdoor space, rain or shine!