Premium Weather Protection

This gorgeous rooftop patio boasts 3 side by side canopies in White. Shade FX is designed to resist the winds of highrise living as well as protecting from sun and rain.
Is this South Beach or Toronto? A Shade FX Canopy is fashionable and functional, offering versatility with a plethora of canopy colours and sizes, durability with Sunbrella water resistant fabrics and luxurious style.
Get the most out of your outdoor space with a stylish canopy system that protects you from the elements.
Rope drawn systems uses a pulley to extend or retract the canopy. Enjoy your morning coffee or a Sunday afternoon family dinner - rain or shine.
This pergola was custom built using stainless steel posts to compliment this stylish patio space.
This canopy system has an extended drive beam and provides the option of shading various areas of your outdoor space.
One retractable canopy offers up to 600 sq ft (20’ x 30’) of protection from the elements.
The Boulevard Club needed canopy systems to cover these pergolas built for the pool side. They chose a Forest Green shade.
Each of these canopy systems can be extended or retracted manually.
This Charcoal coloured canopy stylishly compliments the existing pergola and patio decor.
The Shade FX Canopy system fits neatly into the interior of your existing Pergola or structure. The rope pulley retraction system is sleek and easy to use and takes up little space.
Lunches by the poolside are now cool and shady since the Shade FX Canopy system was installed on this customer's pergola.
The canopy can be installed for manual, rope drawn or motorized retraction.
Canopies are made to order and can be constructed to fit an existing or new structure of any shape or size.
The Shade FX Canopy system can be mounted to a variety of structures, even in non-standard sizes.
The monorail drive beam is the key feature to the unique, patented Shade FX Canopy system. Versus typical awnings that retract on two side rails, the Shade FX system has only one beam in the centre allowing for smooth retraction so it will not jam or bind.
The Spoke Club's rooftop patio boasts two 18 x 16 ft side by side canopy systems with the Motorized Retraction system.