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Frequently Asked Questions about the Shade FX Retractable Canopy system.

Attached are the most frequently asked questions about our retractable awnings. If you don’t find the information you are looking for, click here to email us your question.

What is unique about Shade FX Pergola Canopies?
This uniquely designed canopy system runs on one centre beam, versus two parallel arms, solving many of the problems of outdated, traditional, retractable awnings that require strict parallelism and fabric tension for support. One central beam allows for smooth retraction with no jamming or binding.

What is the cost?
The cost for the Shade FX Canopy system is dependent on size and type of retraction system, with Manual retraction being the least expensive and motorized being the most expensive. Click here to view our price list. All sizes are provided in feet. The standard fabric offered is Sunbrella water-resistant fabric or Harbor Time waterproof fabric.

What is the largest size of canopy offered?
The largest size currently offered is a 24 x 18 ft canopy system. Due to the weight of the system, this size is only available in motorized retraction. In some cases, smaller canopies, positioned side by side can also create the shade you need and be cost effective. Contact us to learn more.

Will the Shade FX canopy protect you from the rain?
The retractable canopy system uses a patent pending monorail drive beam that supports the entire canopy system in the middle. This naturally causes a high point in the middle, shedding rain left or right of the drive beam. The canopy can be tilted to direct water all to the left or all to the right. The standard fabric used is Sunbrella, water resistant fabric, which will protect from light rain.

Can you leave the Canopy retracted on a windy day?

ShadeFX should be retracted in winds exceeding 35mph (56kmh). See page 16 on our installation guide below.

Installation Guide – Manual Canopy

Where can I see the Shade FX product? Do you have a showroom?
You can see the product on display in Toronto at:
Andrew Richard Design
571 Adelaide St E
Toronto ON

and in Guelph at:
A.W.E. (Advanced Weather Enclosures)
732 York Rd
Guelph ON

What is the warranty on the canopy system?
The following outlines the warranty for a ShadeFX Canopy system:
– 10 years for the Sunbrella water resistant fabric
– 5 years for the Harbor Time Waterproof fabric
– 5 years for the Somfy motor
– 12 years for all other Shade FX components

Click here to view full details of the warranty.

What is the difference between the manual, rope drawn, and motorized retraction Canopy systems?
A canopy with manual or wand retraction has a 3ft wand that hooks onto the retractable system that allows you to pull the awning across. It is ideal for canopies that are under 16 x 16ft in size. This option is the most cost effective. A rope drawn canopy system operates similar to a blind. If you pull on one chord, the canopies opens, on the other, it closes. The rope is pinned neatly to one of the structure posts.

The remote controlled motorized retraction system is for the gadget lover. Operated by a somfy motor, this system is best for canopies 16 x 14ft and larger due to the weight of the system. This option is the most costly.

What is the difference between water resistant fabric and waterproof fabric?
Sunbrella is the standard fabric used for the retractable canopies, which is a water resistant fabric. This means that light rain will not leak through for a number of days. In a hard rain, the water will mist through and ‘wick’ over about 24 hrs, developing drip points. A waterproof fabric is a tighter, coated weave that will never leak or wickthrough regardless of how hard the rain is. Extended periods of rain have no effect on the canopy performance. Harbor Time waterproof fabric is available for the Shade FX Canopy system.

Is the Shade FX Canopy waterproof?
Only if Weblon fabric is used.

Does the Shade FX Canopy system need to be stored in the winter?
It is highly recommended to store the canopy system for the winter season. This involves either taking the canopy down and storing it in a plastic bag or leaving it up and covering it with a tarp. The goal is to protect it from snow load. Alternatively, you can have a ‘garage’ built for it, which acts as a case that stores the canopy system in its place.

How do you clean the canopy system?
To do so, first take down the canopy, then, use a mild soap (nothing containing ammonium) and water and with a soft brush remove any dirt or debris. We recommend cleaning the awning once per year.

Was AWE East’s retractable canopy system recently featured on HGTV’s Decked Out and Disaster Decks with Paul Lafrance?
Yes! Paul and his crew used the retractable Shade FX awning from AWE East for numerous projects during Season 2 and Season 3 of HGTV’s Decked Out. They include: Season 2: “The Miami Deck”, “The Bridge Deck” and “The Cottage Deck” and Season 3: The Round Square Deck. Click here to view the episodes.
It was also featured on Paul’s new program Disaster Decks in the episode called: “The Deck Amber Hates”. Click here to view the episode.